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The main objective behind the creation of this site is to show that design can be a active everyday part of everyone's life.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to have the ability to appreciate good art or design, all you need is a desire to take in new ideas and an open mind as to what you like.

Latest Design

One of my latest designs is an arm brace .

There are several braces out there from almost every part of the body except for arms. In this field there are only a handful of arm-brace builders. Most of the people who need permanent braces have to make do with splints until they ware out. The individual then has to go and get their arm re-cast to build a new unit.

When I realized this I asked a Managing Director " why don't they make braces out of more permanent materials so they would last longer". He gave me two answers. Firstly , because the company would not make as much money, and the main reason was because everybody's arms have slightly different dimensions and a brace must fit like a glove. Wearing a brace that is incorrectly fitted will not only fall short of the objective " To get more function out of the limb " but may actually cause damage to the limb in question. He believed that one would require such a multitude of sizes that the project wound not be economically viable. And sizing would be another issue altogether.

I then thought to myself, why not make a flexible unit with permanent parts.

The unit will have permanent parts where one needs support, and flexible parts to allow for easy access to the arm brace. With regards to sizing, simply get the customer to measure key dimensions on the arm that don't change to any significant degree regardless of the person, then have them submit these measurements along with there order. Work straight from the suppliers factory to keep costs low and give the customer what they want.

No such brace existed, so I designed and built one.

Brace Images